CONNECT-project well represented at the 2014 workshop “Beyond 2015: Exploring the Future of Global Climate Governance”

November 21, 2014 in Conferences, News, Publications by Oscar Widerberg

On 20 November, the  2014 Amsterdam Conference “Beyond 2015: Exploring the Future of Globa Climate Governance” took place at De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. The conference was organized by the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), VU University Amsterdam, as part of the Indian-European Multi-level Climate Governance Research Network (IECGN) and included a day of key note speakers, panels and round-table discussions of some of the most pressing issues in global climate governance with many of the papers focusing on India’s role in climate change action.

CONNECT researchers Philipp Pattberg, Marija Isailovic and Oscar Widerberg were highly involved and  part of the following papers.

  • “Subnational climate networks, who they are and what they do.”by Jennifer Bansard, Philipp Pattberg, and Oscar Widerberg
  • “Exploring Patterns of Participation in Transnational Climate Governance: The case of India” by Marija Isailovic
  • “Mapping global climate governance by membership: A network approach” by Oscar Widerberg
  • “International Cooperative Initiatives in Global Climate Governance: Raising the Ambition Level or Delegitimizing the UNFCCC?” by Oscar Widerberg and Philipp Pattberg

All papers except the last one can be downloaded for free here.

The last paper can be accessed here (paywalled).

Should you be more interested in these papers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.